Appraisal and Valuation of Real Estate
The value of a given home, business, office location or rental property is calculated using a variety of methods. Based on its intended use or on the reason for the valuation, any given property’s value can be different.

A successful property buying transaction depends quite a bit on getting a positive appraisal for the property. If you’re paying cash, the appraisal must only meet your approval, but if you’re getting a loan, your lender will make sure that all aspects of the appraisal meet its requirements.  Priority One Real Estate is familiar with the requirements necessary to obtain a loan when making a home, business or rental property appraisal.

Precise home valuation

We provide our clients with precise home valuation services. (Name of the company) prepare the valuation reports for (working areas). We provide these reports to our clients for the valuation of their home. Our valuation services are the combination of experienced working in an area and the neighboring property valuation.
We help our clients by evaluating their property completely by considering each and every affective factor. This property valuation enables our clients to determine the value of their property and it also helps in optimizing size of loan.
We have staff who is not only expert but also experienced in evaluating the value of property through market research. This market research is done to calculate value of your home by considering all the factor.
Our experts provide you with the neighborhood marketing trend reports which would help you in evaluating the property.

Complete site analysis

(Name of the company) provides complete site analysis for both commercial and private properties. We tailor our working and site analysis process according to the needs of our clients. We offer site analysis for our clients so that they can get complete evaluation of the property.

Our experienced real estate advisors are there to help you in complete site analysis so that you can establish your desired investment goals and targeted investments.

We provide in-depth evaluation of site which covers all the figures including every hidden factor behind it. We also incorporate rental income, as well as the actual and anticipated monthly expenses while analyzing the site.

Our experts analyze each and every factors while doing site analysis so that the accurate analysis report comes out. Our clients can contact us for the site analysis before renting or selling them so as to get correct valuation of the process.